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DIY Challenge

Take the InYourNature™ Challenge,
create the coolest candles using our
candle kit & win a 25% discount card.

What Our Clients Say

Breathe Shower Steamers

I love it! Scents are amazing, gentle, and not too strong, helping relax after a long day. beautiful package, I would buy it as a gift to my friends & family members. very happy with the purchase, will buy again. Thank you!

Fall Scented Wax Melts

Enjoyed this scent bundle! Melted well and cleaned up in between scent switches easily.

Essie Nail Polish and Top Coat Kit

Goes on so smooth affordable
So highly recommend this package of 4 essie

RefectoCil Color Kit LIGHT BROWN

I love this kit. I use it to color my eyebrows. It’s fantastic and my eyebrows look professionally done. What a money saver.

DIY Candle Kit

Great kit easy to use and I like that it has enough tools to make multiple candles and the wicks are long too!
Vanessa Little
Aubree Schmidt
Sarah Jefferson
Isabel Arnold
Dana Kelley

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