InYourNature Candle Making Kit Supplies, 32oz Melting & Pouring Pot, Thermometer, 100 Cotton Wicks, 100 Wick Stickers, 10 Wick Holders, Mixing Spoon, Soy Wax & Beeswax Candle Maker Kit for Adults DIY


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InYourNature Candle Making Tool Kit has everything you need to create astonishing soy wax or beeswax candles. Melting and pouring pot to prepare the wax, mixing spoon stir your favorite essential oils and colors, thermometer with clip to know the exact temperature, cotton wicks, wick stickers and wooden holder to fix the wick in the center of the candle. It is designed for both adults, kids, professional or beginner candle makers. Your freshly made candles can be used as gifts for any occasion such as birthday, wedding, christmas, date or party. Could be used indoors to create a cozy atmosphere or outdoors to create a festive one. Includes: Melting & Pouring Pot with Graded Volumes, 8 Inch Black Mixing Spoon, Thermometer with Clip, 100 Pre-Waxed Cotton Wicks, 100 Wick Stickers, 10 Wooden Wick Holders.

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