RefectoCil Color Kit Includes RefeCtocil, Cream Hair, Cream Developer-Oxidant 3%, Mixing Dish & Mascara Brush


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RefectoCil Color Kit PURE BLACK

Within ten minutes (development period) Refectocil produces permanent coverage and even coloration which lasts several weeks. The vivid coloration is light and water resistant. A complete line of tinting accessories renders the application of Refectocil professional, simple and very profitable. Refectocil is the perfect choice for dyeing beards, sideburns and even intimate hair!
【High-quality】One of the most trusted and respected beauty brands by top industry experts. Refectocil is present in 65 countries for more than 70 years and counting. Developing quality products such as the cream and liquid hair dye used by people worldwide.
【LONG-LASTING】Lasts up to 6 weeks. Enough, consistent results, but not a permanent makeup for long term commitment. No need to stress about mascara or other products sloppily applied on a rushed morning. The work is already done!
【COST-EFFECTIVE 】- Since you do it once and it lasts for 6 weeks, the Refectocil Color Kit both saves you money and time you would spend for 1 time use beauty products.
【ASK THE EXPERT SERVICE】- Refectocil Color Kit is a beauty trick used often by experts and celebrities that creates fuller, longer shapes that last for 6 weeks. The treatment does not require the use of permanent makeup.
【DO’S AND DON’TS】- DO fully read the directions that come with the Refectocil Color Kit and follow them carefully for the best results! Please DO NOT get wet or apply makeup on the applied zone for the first 24 hours after treatment to ensure long lasting results.

RefectoCil Color Kit PURE BLACK

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